Knitwear in pure linen is one of our specialties. All garments are fully fashion knitted on hand machines in our little factory in Latvia by Erica, Baiba and their colleagues. To knit fully fashion means that you knit each garment part separately and shape it just like you do when you knit by hand. Knitting like this compared to knitting a big piece of fabric to then cut and sew it, is that you hardy waste any material at all. Counting loops, rather than centimetres, secures the high quality of our knitted garments. The garments are washed and pre-shrunk. The decorative pattern is inspired by classic fisherman sweaters and by Pippi Longstocking’s favourite sweater. At first you can find the linen a bit harsh but as soon as you start wearing the garment it will become softer and softer with a lustre almost like silk. Press your garment lightly with steam after wash. The raw material for this linen is grown in France, Belgium and Poland and is spun in Lithuania. 

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