Soft 100% linen twill with a raw work wear look. This is the perfect autumn linen. As always with heavier linen, slobs and irregularities are a part of the character of the material. If you have a big slob in a “bad” place, remove it carefully by hand. The yarn as used to weave this linen is specially dyed with a method called delavé and gives the material a shimmering melange look. The colour will gradually fade  wash by wash to a beautiful vintage look. The colour range includes a denim inspired blue, light grey and a mixed check. Always use washing powder without bleacher and always wash inside out. Do not use stain remover on the linen since it will leave white spots wherever used. Our garments are washed and tumble dried for a relaxed and soft look. No need to iron the garments.

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linen double collar top
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linen high collar blouse
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linen double collar blouse
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linen school girl blouse
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linen grandpa shirt
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